Term of Reference -
Remuneration Committee

Terms of Reference - Remuneration Committee

All remuneration matters are determined and approved by the Board of the Company. The Board is responsible to establish formal and transparent remuneration policies and procedures in order to attract and retain right talents in the Board and senior management to drive the Group's long-term objectives.

The Board shall remunerate its Executive Directors and Senior Management reasonably and fairly based on the market trends and conditions as well the individual's and Group's performance.

For Independent Non-Executive Directors', their remuneration shall be determined in aggregate based on thier collective experience, level of responsibilities assumed in the Board Committees, thier attendance and/or special skills and expertise they bring to the Board. The Board should also ensure that the remuneration and incentives for Independent Directors do not conflict with thier obligation to bring objectivity and independent judgement on matters discussed at board meetings.

Individuals concerned should abstain from discussion of their own remuneration. Directors who are shareholders should abstain from voting at general meetings to approve their fees. Similary, Executive Directors should not be involved in deciding their own remuneration.

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