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Board Charter

Board Charter

The Board Charter is to provide clear statements of roles, responsibilities, processes and operations of the Board and to ensure the practices of the Board are harmonized with the best practice of corporate governance.

Size, Composition and Nomination

The size of the board is stipulated in the Articles of Association of the Company. The size of the Board must commensurate with the range of credential, knowledge, views and experience needed for effective functioning of the Board and the regulator's requirement of independent directors.

The Board is supportive of gender diversity policy. In its selection of board members, the Board provides equal opportunity to all candidates who meet the criteria and other qualities vi-a-vis the Group present business portfolios and prospective investments. The detailed profiles of nominated directors will be presented to Board by the Nomination Committee to assist the Board in their decision whether to confirm the appointment of the nominated directors.

All new Directors appointed to the Board shall undertake an induction program coordinated by the Managing Director.

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